Our Philosophy

1. Solve The Right Problem. - Our personnel are highly trained and experienced in problem analysis. They understand business and personal needs and can determine the most cost-effective way to help you.

2. Consider The Big Picture. - We do not work in a vacuum, and we will not propose solutions that are at odds with other projects or company strategies. Likewise, we will not propose solutions that render your existing technology useless unless there are no other viable options.

3. Apply Current Technologies. - We make extensive use of continuing education and participate in a number of professional organizations to stay current with techniques and trends. We combine this information with your existing technology to help you evolve smoothly.

4. Deliver High Quality Work. - Most importantly, we do not consider a job complete unless it meets your needs, is fully documented, and can be easily utilized.


BBSI History


Bishop Business Solutions, Inc. begins as a publisher of business and entertainment software for the Apple Macintosh under the name 4A Software.

4A Software's two most popular applications are HSS (the Hierarchical Stack System, a graphical replacement for the Macintosh's original Finder) and BBall, a complete NBA basketball simulator.


4A Software expands it's software offerings to include the Intel-compatible line of personal computers by porting over the ever-popular BBall and Reflex (a Simon™ clone) from the Macintosh to MS-DOS.


With the introduction of Windows 3.0, 4A Software launches a series of utilities, including; 4A Calc (an enhanced version of the Calculator included with Windows), 4A Draw (a small doodle-pad), and 4A Launch (a program launcher similar to HSS on the Macintosh). This is followed by the Universal Lottery Picker, a lottery number generator that could be customized for any 'Daily Number', 'Lotto', or 'Powerball' lottery game. ULP quickly became the most popular program in the company's history with several thousand registered users around the world.

1993 - 95

4A Software begins to offer a complete line of computer-related consulting services to it's customers and in 1994, to better reflect the company's shift from software to consulting, 4A Software is renamed Bishop Business Solutions. The company is incorporated in the State of New York the following year.

1995 - 2010

Bishop Business Solutions, Inc. becomes one of Long Island, New York's fastest growing computer consulting firms. BBSI specializes in personal computer networking and application support, with an additional emphasis on Computer Security, User Training and Help Desk Services, Computer Hardware and Software Sales and Support, and Website Design and Maintenance.

2011 - Today

Recognizing that Social Media and online marketing are going to dovetail with traditional websites to become a major business force in the coming years, BBSI begins to help their existing clients with their Social Media Marketing strategies and in some cases, running their Social Media accounts and tying it into their existing websites. This proves extremely successful for all involved.

Today, Bishop Business Solutions offers both traditional business computer consulting services as well as Social Media Marketing services with a world-wide client portfolio.