HP Spectre: World’s Thinnest Laptop

April 6, 2016

The Spectre Is $350 Less Than the Top Of The Line MacBook HP has announced its new Spectre laptop – the world’s thinnest 13.3” notebook. Despite its miniature size, the Spectre uses Intel’s Core i5/i7 microprocessor, a PCIe-based SSD, a full-size keyboard as well as an advanced audio system developed by Bang & Olufsen. To … Read More

Office In Use By 1.2 Billion People

April 5, 2016

Microsoft has just announced Office usage numbers and stats. There’s no denying that Microsoft Office is a stellar product with no real competition other than the occasional attempts by governments to reduce reliance on it by opting for alternatives. The usage numbers revealed by Microsoft also show that 85 percent of all Fortune 500 companies … Read More

Run Custom Apps From Office Ribbons

March 31, 2016

Slowly, Microsoft Office is becoming a platform—and with a future update that allows you to pin apps to the Office ribbon, that message will be front and center on your monitor. Developers will be able to build apps and place them directly inside the ribbons of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, said Qi Lu, executive vice president … Read More

Court Scams Affect Citizens Nationwide

March 31, 2016

New Scams Using Phone Calls Across the United States, individuals posing as federal court officials and U.S. Marshals are targeting citizens, threatening them with arrest unless they pay. “This year’s scams are more aggressive and sophisticated than we’ve seen in years past,” says Melissa Muir, Director of Administrative Services for the U.S. District Court of … Read More

Free Bitdefender Tool Prevents Locky & Other Ransomware Infections

March 30, 2016

Antivirus firm Bitdefender has released a free tool that can prevent computers from being infected with some of the most widespread file-encrypting ransomware programs: Locky, TeslaCrypt and CTB-Locker. The new Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware vaccine is built on the same principle as a previous tool that the company designed to prevent CryptoWall infections. CryptoWall later changed the … Read More

10 Tech Security Basics For Everyone

March 26, 2016

Here, in a nutshell, are the security tips and habits every computer user should know. Consider it a quick way to audit your own security or help others you care about get the essentials down. Watch Out for Social Engineering Attacks Social engineering hacks can take many forms but the most common is the email … Read More

8 Tips For Preventing Ransomware

March 24, 2016

Chances are you know someone, or some organization, who has suffered a ransomware attack – it could be your local police department, a small business, big hospital, or someone in your family. If you haven’t been hit by ransomware personally, you’re either very lucky, or you’ve taken some proactive steps to protect your computers and … Read More

Zero-Day Vulnerability In iOS And OS X Can Put Down Any Apple Device

March 24, 2016

Luckily, the vulnerability which was recently disclosed by Google’s Project Zero, has been patched as of iOS 9.3 and OS X 10.11.4. In other words, this is another big reason for you to upgrade to the latest version of your operating systems. A severe vulnerability was recently discovered in Apple’s operating systems, and it reportedly … Read More

iCloud Scam May Be Worse Than Ransomware

March 17, 2016

Ransomware – malicious software that encrypts your files and then demands payment to unlock them – has become a major scourge of the Windows world. Mac users just had their first brush with such threats last week, with the appearance of the KeRanger ransomware. However, shortly before KeRanger, I encountered a ransomware event in the Mac … Read More

Ransomware Hits Websites Through Ads

March 16, 2016

Round Two: On every computer I set up for a client I install either Chrome or Firefox and always add the AdBlock Plus plug-in. Then I change the settings in AdBlock Plus to make it even stronger than the defaults. We already know that ransomware has become a growing threat to users around the world. … Read More