When most people think of computer forensics, they usually think of something along the lines of CSI: Cyber or the FBI; people in black suits taking computer equipment into a lab and laboring over it trying to coax some pieces of data out of it to help with a criminal case.

The reality is that computer forensics covers a wide range of tasks. It is an area that Bishop Business Solutions has specialized in since our beginning. After 22 years, we are still amazed at what can be coaxed out of technology, often right in the client’s office (and sometimes just by accessing the equipment remotely).

One such situation happened recently. A client called us because a fired employee had lodged a complaint with the state labor board concerning unjust termination. The client’s position was that the ex-employee had beenĀ using their work computer extensively for non work-related tasks and we were brought in to examine the ex-employee’s computer.

Without revealing any secrets, we examined a wide range of logs and files on the machine and on the office’s internal computer network. In addition we were able to recover every deleted email and a large number of deleted files that the ex-employee used to try to cover their tracks. By recreating and cataloging this information we were able to determine that approximately 90% of the ex-employee’s computer usage was non-work-related.

In the end, we presented a detailed report to the client which was passed onto the labor board. The complaint was immediately dismissed.

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