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Why BBSI’s Partnership with Chubb is an Advantage For Brokers and Clients

One aspect of insurance some brokers and clients must worry about is the source of their funding. Where’s it coming from? Who’s insuring it? What support should they provide when claims arise? At BBSI, these concerns are easily quelled. Unlike other PEOs, we work closely with one of the most reliable and established insurance carriers in the world – Chubb Limited.

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Having begun our partnership in 2014, Chubb understands our processes, our business model, our product, and the overall value we bring to small businesses and insurance brokers. 

Let’s explore this relationship with Chubb Limited Insurance in more detail and explain why our policies through Chubb are valuable for our broker partners and shared clients. 

Chubb Limited Has A Truly Unbeatable Reputation

When it comes to property and casualty insurance, Chubb Limited is the best of the best – not just in the United States, but globally.

A.M. Best gives Chubb an FSR (Financial Strength Rating) of A++ Superior, the highest possible rating. This rating signifies Chubb’s “superior ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations.” Chubb also received an AA (Very Strong) rating from Standard & Poors and an AA (Very Strong) rating from Fitch for financial strength. 

Chubb is the largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company worldwide, with a presence in 55+ countries. It truly is the best you can get. 

Reduce Risk By Avoiding PEO Self-Insurance

Some PEOs don’t offer insurance policies through any kind of official insurer at all. Instead, they use “self-insurance,” which minimizes risk by aggregating the PEO’s clients into a single unit. Each company pays into the “insurance” policy, which then covers the cost of any claims that come in.

But as most insurance brokers already know, self-insurance is not as reliable, resourced, or trustworthy as the services provided by an insurer like Chubb. 

Our partnership with Chubb makes BBSI different. By offering Chubb policies to our clients, we help them reduce risk, better understand self-insurance and captive group insurance, and get on with their business without worrying about the quality of their policies.

Explore The Possibilities Offered By Our PEO 

Getting Chubb Insurance is excellent and when you partner with BBSI as an insurance broker, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Working with us means you and your clients get access to an entire Business Unit, complete with a Business Partner, Payroll Specialist, Risk Manager (RMC), and Human Resources Consultant (HRC). 

We offer a complete, flexible suite of PEO services to insurance brokers and our mutual clients, from payroll administration to business consultinghuman resources, risk and safetyretirement benefits administration, staffing and recruiting, and more. 

Your Business Unit will work closely with you and your clients to provide all of the support services you need to focus on sustainable growth and building your bottom line.

Thank you for considering BBSI and Chubb Limited as your partner in delivering stronger, more scalable workplaces to your clients. Want more insights into our relationship with Chubb Limited? Need more information before you get started? We’re always happy to answer your questions. Find a local branch near you to schedule a consultation, or give us a call at ​​1-800-494-5669.

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