BBSI Sends Direct Mail Company Into the Future With Confidence

To stay competitive in a changing landscape, Mail Manager needed employees who could give the company an edge. BBSI helped them identify their A-team.



BUSINESS: Mail Manager
OWNER: Larry Chason

Founded in 1988, Mail Manager has seen its share of changes over the years. While direct mail has remained a tried and true marketing tactic for his clients, new technology, competitors and changes in the economy have kept owner Larry Chason on his toes.

When Larry started working with BBSI, he thought he was just getting a provider to help him keep his workers’ compensation in order. Through regular meetings with his Business Partner, Kim, he saw there was a lot more to BBSI. Kim and her team provided guidance on dealing with employee issues and creating HR protocols. Larry saw the impact.

Left to my own devices, I let bad behavior with my staff go on too long. It impacted both my business and my mood. BBSI helped me learn to deal with issues sooner, and also spent time helping me identify the people on my team who I knew I could count on for the long haul.
Larry Chason

Founder, Mail Manager

Meaningful Moment

Knowing who his key players were was important when Larry evolved his business model.

“Having confidence in the team was critical when we began making changes to how we did business. I needed my A-team in place for everything to run smoothly, and Kim helped me identify who those people were.” 

For Kim, the relationship is built on mutual respect. “Larry and I are in this together. We know we can have difficult conversations with each other and tackle tough situations because we trust that both of us are committed to making the business better.”

The Road Ahead

Today, Mail Manager is stable but Larry knows that he needs to keep an eye on the future. Attending a BBSI-facilitated roundtable with fellow small business owners helped him uncover new ways of thinking about his business.

“The topics of conversation gave me a broader view into my business—it got me thinking about where and how growth could stress different areas of my operations. This kind of analysis is vital to long-term planning. It was also nice to hear from other business owners about their challenges.”

Larry has a sense of confidence as he continues his company’s evolution. “BBSI has provided me with the resources and guidance I need to remain successful. The deep dive sessions we’ve done together have given me a strategic plan I can follow and when I need support, I know BBSI will be there." 

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