Our Non-Traditional PEO Model

Behind every successful business is a business owner with a unique mission, vision, and passion. We believe that what makes your business different is what makes it great, which is why unlike most PEOs, our services aren't one-size-fits-all.

The support we provide is comprehensive, customizable, and local. We employ teams of business owner advocates and industry experts in locations across the country, allowing us to provide hands-on service and support wherever your business operates. Whether you need help with payroll processing, HR compliance, risk mitigation, or crafting a competitive employee benefits program, our purpose is giving you the time you deserve to focus on what you do best – growing your business and achieving your goals.

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Fully-Integrated Business Solutions With Local Support


Issues with payroll can have far-reaching impacts on your business. If employees don’t get paid, everything stops.

Our Payroll Services and myBBSI Payroll & HR Software will help streamline your payroll processes, onboarding procedures, and benefits administration.

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Human Resources

A business’s greatest asset is its people. Our Human Resources Services aim to understand your workforce to offer guidance for improving culture and hiring and retaining top talent.

BBSI HR Consultants also offer a wealth of regulatory and legislative expertise.

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Health Benefits

With healthcare costs continuing to rise, attracting and retaining talent can be challenging.

The BBSI Benefits Program gives you a competitive edge. You'll gain access to plans and rates typically only available to much larger companies, and provide your employees with national access to quality care.

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Workers Compensation

Our unique Workers Compensation Program offers pay-as-you-go premiums that adjust with your workforce throughout the year. When paired with our Risk & Safety Services, we can help you decrease claims and implement a culture of continuous improvement.

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Staffing & Recruiting

Our Staffing & Recruiting Services are designed to be creative, flexible, and to place top talent that lasts. We'll learn your company’s culture and processes before locating talent tailored to your business needs and goals.

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Business Strategy

Our Business Strategy Services focus on the holistic wellbeing of your company, taking a deep dive into your business, processes, people, and more to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

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Our turn-key solutions are built to make your life easier as a business owner. We offer a Payroll & HR Software that allows you to manage employee compensation and reporting from any device, a Timekeeping Solution that improves data accuracy, and an online Learning Management Platform to support your training and development initiatives.

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Retirement & 401k

Retirement benefits play a large role in retention, and employees have come to expect them.

While offering a program like a 401k may seem out of reach, our best-in-class program is designed for companies large and small, with the flexibility to support the unique needs of your business and your team.

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Risk & Safety

Our Risk & Safety Services allow us to take a critical look at a your company's safety procedures and culture.

We'll help you implement risk mitigation strategies and workplace safety best practices that keep you compliant, and allow you to scale your business with confidence.

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BBSI has heart and soul - something we certainly didn’t expect from a PEO or insurance company. Unlike other big, bureaucratic organizations, our BBSI Team is welcoming and friendly and we know they're on our side no matter what.

We signed on with BBSI in March of 2020, having no clue the arc that the year would take. BBSI navigated the twists and turns of regulations and health concerns at every step. Whenever we call with a question or issue, the whole team works together to address it. We have absolute confidence in their ability to protect and advocate for us.

Maggie & Jeanette
Gardens by Gabriel, Inc.
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When our company doubled in size overnight, we found ourselves struggling to keep up with the basic human resource infrastructure that we had yet to develop. BBSI helped us with anything we needed including an employee handbook, payroll, and workers' compensation claims.

BBSI gave us the confidence to continue to grow our company. Their team is constantly checking in to see how they can help. They make us feel like we have a safety net of help ready when we need it, and more importantly, ready even when we didn’t know we needed it!

Robbie & Nichol A.
RP Environmental Inc.
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Our team loves BBSI because we can pick up the phone and call them, and they either pick up or reply quickly. We even have their cell phone numbers. Not only do we get a live person to talk with, but we get a live person that we know and who knows us. 

Chris & Gary G.
Guggia Trucking & Guggia Farms
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Working with BBSI has provided so much more than insurance. With their help, we’ve grown in size and professionalism in every area of our business. Their team has raised our game and shifted our culture toward safer practices and more excellent administration. In an ever-changing legal landscape, their staff's effort to keep us compliant has made all the difference.

Dan F.
Ferreira Inc.

Meet Your Business Unit Team

Managing a business requires so much more than providing a product or service. As a business owner, you have people to lead, bills to pay, and growth to plan for.

That’s why we surround our clients with a dedicated team of professionals that we call a Business Unit. Your team is comprised of experienced consultants and specialists in the areas of HR, Health Benefits, Risk & Safety, Payroll, Talent Acquisition, and Business Strategy.

Your team's goal is to support you with the tools you need to better manage operations, overcome obstacles, and help you achieve your business goals.

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Industry Experience

Our consultants have years of experience working across several unique industries, both first-hand and with clients. Because of this, we have a critical understanding of the challenges that face companies in manufacturing, construction, hospitality, and more.


Restaurant & Hospitality





Trucking & Transportation


Plumbing, Heating & Air



Professional Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PEO?

PEOs like us exist to help business owners bridge gaps for smaller-scale startups, young businesses, and businesses who don’t plan to scale aggressively, but still want help managing their administrative tasks on a daily basis. By focusing on performing time-consuming administrative tasks for you, we will provide services such as:

Human Resources: PEOs excel in HR tasks, ensuring your compliance with employment laws and providing expertise to streamline HR operations.

Payroll: By managing payroll processing, a PEO can save you time and money while ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time.

Workers’ Compensation: As a PEO, we can leverage our bargaining power to secure favorable workers’ compensation rates for you.

Benefits Administration, Retirement & 401k: Thanks to our large client base, PEOs like us can offer comprehensive benefits packages at competitive rates.

Risk Management & Compliance: Navigating complex employment laws and regulations is a primary function of a PEO, helping you stay compliant and reduce the risk of fines or lawsuits.

Recruiting & Training: PEOs can assist in sourcing talent. We offer hiring, training, and programs that can improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Will partnering with a PEO really save me money?

Partnering with a PEO is a great way for you to save resources spent on critical daily tasks that tend to pile up as your company grows.

Economies of Scale: Because we serve multiple clients, we are able to offer better rates for the services we specialize in. You can save money by taking advantage of these lower rates, which you might not be able to access on your own.

Lower HR Costs & Reduced Employment-Related Risk: By outsourcing HR tasks to us, you can reduce the costs associated with things like hiring, retaining, and training HR staff. Because we are skilled in HR, we can also help you navigate the complex landscape of compliance, employment law, and HR regulations. This reduces the risk of fines and costly legal fees associated with non-compliance.

Streamlined Payroll: We'll handle payroll processing, including tax filings, which can reduce the risk of costly errors. Avoiding penalties for payroll-related mistakes will save you money as you scale your operations (which we'll help with, too).

How do I know that BBSI is the right PEO for my business?

Selecting the right PEO is a critical step towards unlocking your business’s full potential. You’ll want a PEO that understands your industry, offers a comprehensive service portfolio, and has a history of satisfied clients.

At BBSI, we know that every business, even those in industries we’ve worked in for years, has unique needs. We know that to help you succeed, you need a dedicated team of professionals at your fingertips, not a 1-800 number. That’s why we choose to connect each of our clients with a local, dedicated Business Unit.

Our goal at BBSI is to support you in every aspect of your daily operations. That not only includes typical tasks like HR, payroll, and risk management, but even strategy and long-term development.

How much do BBSI's services cost?

We will work individually with you to evaluate the health of your business and create a pricing structure that fits your needs, all with the ability to scale as your business grows.

Custom rate flexibility allows us to work together to maintain a clear, realistic cost structure for you. This structure allows you to create predictable labor burden forecasts to help you manage your investment.

Preliminary rate calculations are based on:

  • Number of employees
  • Percentage of full-time and part-time personnel
  • Employee turnover
  • Careful analysis of your loss history
  • Level of risk associated with each job function
  • Experience modification (X-Mod)

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