Risk & Safety

Employee safety is crucial to the longevity of any business, which is why our risk management services prioritize developing workplace cultures that value safety, compliance, and continuous improvement.

Your BBSI Risk Consultant’s role is to identify workplace and operational hazards to develop a mitigation roadmap that proactively limits your exposure. They’ll help facilitate safety trainings, implement response plans, and inform you of industry-specific regulatory changes, all to ensure the ongoing health of your business and of your employees.

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Onsite Hazard Analysis

Identify existing workplace hazards and develop a plan to mitigate and limit your risk exposure.

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Employee Education

Implement employee safety training programs that foster a culture of continuous improvement.

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Incident Response Plans

Effectively investigate and respond to incidents while minimizing the disruption of workplace operations.

Personalized Risk Assessment

Our Risk Consultants will meet with you onsite to learn about your operations and identify the safety hazards that pose the most risk. Their assessment is used to craft a risk management plan customized for your business and industry, outlining steps to improve workplace safety, compliance, and productivity.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

We’ll analyze data from past workplace incidents to predict future ones, allowing you to address potential issues before they occur. As a champion of continuous improvement, your BBSI Risk Consultant will proactively recommend areas of opportunity to limit your risk exposure and improve your workplace safety culture.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring regulatory compliance is not just a legal requirement; it's a critical safeguard that protects the long-term sustainability and reputation of your business. That’s why we’ll help you stay up-to-date on new laws and regulations impacting your industry, allowing you to remain compliant and avoid costly penalties.


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As we struggled with safety issues, the team at BBSI was there to hold our hands and guide us step by step to make sure our employees and staff are protected, and the company is compliant [with] ever-changing safety standards and regulations.

Abraham H.
Princess Paper, Inc.
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Their guidance and help with our safety program has been exceptional [for] keeping our workforce safe. They are always available and take a proactive approach to safety. They have helped us achieve our safety goals.

Matt P.
Johnson Pool & Spa
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Not only are they intimately knowledgeable about OSHA regulations and can answer my questions at a moment’s notice, they’ve even developed my safety plans and conducted safety training at our offices for our employees.

Mark P.
Fish Window Cleaning

Meet Your Risk Consultant

Your BBSI Risk Consultant’s priority is helping you foster a safety culture that improves your operational processes and contributes to a healthier bottom line. By way of onsite risk assessments and safety trainings, they’ll work with you to implement initiatives that limit your risk exposure and allow you to scale your business confidently.

On average, BBSI Risk Consultants have over 15 years of risk management experience across a wide variety of industries, including construction, transportation, manufacturing, and restoration.


Frequently Asked Questions

If my employees work in an office, do I really need risk management services?

Risk management is equally important for work environments without obvious physical risks. Accidents can happen anywhere, from slip-and-fall incidents to repetitive motion injuries. Investing in risk management services can help you reduce claim costs, increase employee productivity, and ensure your business is prepared for the unexpected. 

I have locations in multiple states. Is my BBSI Risk Consultant willing to travel?

BBSI has branch locations across the United States, allowing us to service your business no matter where you operate.

If one of my employees gets injured, can BBSI help?

In the event of an injury, our claims process is structured to prioritize employee access to quality care. Our 24/7 Nurse Triage Hotline instantly connects your injured employee with a registered nurse who will gather incident information and recommend at-home remedies, first aid, telehealth, and/or in-person medical attention. The employee and their information will be routed to the nearest preferred provider, and the claim will be forwarded to our claims team for processing.

Your BBSI Risk Consultant can also work with you to develop a Modified Duty Program, which helps injured employees return to work more quickly, reduces risks for re-injury, and strengthens your organizational culture.

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