BBSI Referral Partner Program

When you partner with BBSI, you're introducing your clients to a seasoned team of professionals whose focus is on their long-term success - adding value to your service offering and longevity to your book.

We'll work to understand your business and share insights from our own operations. Join our scalable referral program, where you'll be rewarded based on referrals, client retention, and growth.

Program Overview

Types of Referral Partners

Types of Referral Partners

Insurance Brokers

By partnering with BBSI we’ll help your clients reduce their administrative burdens so that they can focus more time on growing their business and reaching their goals. We’ll help you protect your book of business and prevent other brokers, payroll firms and other PEOs from stealing your business. We’ll also give you access to a new revenue stream, both on new business and the business you currently have, by earning monthly commissions on referred business.

Trusted Advisors

By partnering with BBSI, our trusted advisors such as CPAs, private equity partners, industry associations, and chambers of commerce, can add value to their clients or members by providing them with the teams, tools, and knowledge to reduce their administrative burdens so they can focus on growth and success. They’ll gain access to our business, HR, and risk consulting services in addition to the workers’ comp and payroll support they need to grow their businesses and become more profitable.

Partnership Benefits

Partnership Benefits

Grow. Protect. Trust.

We’ll help you protect your book, deliver a new revenue stream, and support our mutual clients with our unique local service model. We are structured so every one of our clients is paired with a dedicated local team. A local team who work hard to understand their company and their vision and earns their trust so we can help them grow their business. That trust is why we have a client retention rate of over 90% with thousands of clients nationwide. It's also why you can feel confident that our mutual clients will be well taken care of.

Commission Structure

Commission Structure

Designed to Scale Up.

We believe in a competitive commission structure which is why our unique program is designed to scale up as we grow our book together. Your commission percentage increases with the number and size of the referrals who become BBSI clients. Commissions are paid out monthly based on prior month’s billing. BBSI will continue to pay you as long as our mutual client works with us and is able to support payment of the fees.  

Grow Your Book

Grow Your Book

Combined Effort. Unique Success.

How many of your comp partners not only help you protect your book but actively engage in helping you grow it? We truly believe that to achieve success we must approach the market with a combined effort. We’ve created unique co-branded marketing programs to help us target individual markets and industries together. We know that the sum of the individual parts is greater than the parts themselves which is why we want to work with you.  

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Market Development Manager

BBSI is experiencing a steady rate of growth and is looking for proven leaders to drive results. The BBSI Market Development Manager provides leadership to our business-owner clients and our internal team of experts. This position is responsible for leading a multi-million dollar business that provides solutions to a broad range of organizational issues.

The primary objective of the Market Development Manager is to drive growth and results for BBSI. With P&L responsibility for the branch, the Market Development Manager is tasked with increasing market share, bringing on and retaining clients, and profitability. The Market Development Manager must possess a stakeholder mentality with a genuine desire to proactively and consistently deliver results for our clients and internal teams.

Shared Service Model

Shared Service Model

Mutual Client Benefits

BBSI’s Business Development Managers (BDMs) are responsible for maintaining our relationship with you and all the service that comes with our partnership. Understanding your goals, your business, and how you like to interface with our mutual clients is extremely important to us, so we can ensure to leverage our shared service model for the benefit of our mutual clients, and your business. Building strong relationships allows everyone to set and exceed expectations while ensuring our mutual success.



Payroll Analyst

BBSI clears the way for business owners to focus on the areas of their business that generate the biggest impact. The BBSI Payroll Analyst is part of the dedicated business unit that provides support for our clients and our internal team of experts. The primary objective of this role is to process timely and accurate payroll based on client provided data and provide solutions to improve payroll processes.

Payroll Analysts are experts in BBSI payroll, timekeeping and HRIS systems, and proactively identify system options to achieve better results for our clients. They work closely with clients, identifying reporting needs, preparing reports and performing on-site payroll training and implementation planning.


Hear From Our Referral Partners

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Switching to BBSI has been a game changer for my business. My local team has provided guidance to me on several levels, including HR advice, creating employee documents, handbook, recruiting and invitations to BBSI networking events.

Suzanne B.
Suzanne Bodlovic Agency
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In my opinion, the highest value BBSI brings to the clients is that they are not like the competition because no other company does what BBSI does.  The clients will never have to dial an 800# to reach someone. That’s huge. I think clients come for what they think they are getting.  They stay because BBSI knocks their socks off with extraordinary service. I am grateful for the continued collaboration.

Brenda A.
Coast General Insurance Brokers
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I love working with BBSI, not only for my clients that we cannot write the comp on, but for my clients who need additional business services that only BBSI provides. The relationship that my agents have with BBSI is an important one, and it ensures the client stays in our books. I write a lot of life insurance with these commercial clients that I place, and I probably couldn't have that relationship if I lost them to another company or broker. BBSI has been a wonderful partner to work with!

Alli S.
Scheier Insurance Agency
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We love BBSI. They let us focus on our business, not on payroll. We have used them to really think hard about what our mission is. They helped us think about how to grow and what we need to do to get there. We are a small business. It is great to have someone to help ask questions and walk with you day to day.

Shawn K.
Koethke Insurance
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Like all of us, my clients were blindsided by COVID. With all the changes that hit everyone in a flash, businesses are still doing what they can to stay in business. I call BBSI our 'sustainability partner' because if it wasn't for their help in this dire time of need, many more businesses would have not made it. On behalf of BBSI clients everywhere, thank you BBSI.

Brenda A.
Coast General Insurance Brokers

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