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People are the heart and soul of every business, but finding great talent isn’t always easy.

Our strategic staffing solutions utilize the latest recruiting methods and candidate screening techniques to identify the most qualified people for your company. Experienced across a wide variety of industries, our national network of recruiters can help find the talent you need to drive your business forward.

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Reduce Hiring Costs

Limit financial risk by saving on advertising and screening costs, and only pay if you choose to hire our candidate.

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Diversify Your Talent Pool

Use our national recruiting network and top candidate platforms to expand your reach and diversify your options.

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Build Quality Teams

Identify and hire top-tier talent on a temporary, temp-to-hire, seasonal, or permanent basis to suit your business needs.

Flexible Placement Options Across Various Industries

We’ve found experienced drivers for trucking companies, forklift drivers for construction sites, office managers for insurance agencies, and youth counselors for community outreach organizations. Regardless of your industry, our placement options give you the flexibility to hire based on the needs of your business and of your current team.

  • Direct-Hire Placement for permanent or high-skill job openings.

  • Temporary Hires for seasonal, short-term, or long-term projects.

  • Temp-to-Hire Placement to assess performance before making hiring decisions.

Comprehensive Candidate Screening

Your BBSI Recruiting Specialist will utilize the best recruiting platforms to find potential talent, thoroughly interview qualified candidates, and only recommend individuals they believe to be a great fit for your team.

Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll perform the necessary background checks, employment verifications, and drug testing required for you to feel confident in your new hire.

Onboarding & Turnover Assistance

A smooth hiring process is essential to minimize operational disruptions and foster job satisfaction for your new hire. That’s why our services don’t stop when the new hire paperwork is signed – we are there for you and your new employee throughout the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition for everyone involved.

At the end of the employee lifecycle, your BBSI Recruiting Specialist will be there to find your next great hire.


Our Recruiting Process

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What to Expect

1. Align

Align with your hiring standards, understand your staffing needs, and set expectations.

2. Refine

Refine our recruiting and sourcing strategy to meet the unique needs of your business.

3. Identify

Identify and interview the best candidates and help you choose the perfect fit.

4. Screen

Screen your top choice via background checks, employment verifications, and drug testing.

5. Onboard

Onboard your new hire to ensure a seamless integration with your team.

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Our recruiters are ready to help.
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We’re so thankful we found BBSI! Working with them enables us to acquire and maintain the highest quality caregivers, which is key to us being El Paso County’s premier non-medical home care agency. We rely on BBSI to help us provide a highly-trained, drug-free workforce to help seniors thrive in their own home.

Mark S.
Home Care Assistance of El Paso County
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Working closely with people/personalities can be difficult, but BBSI’s recruiting managers know how to hire and keep very talented people. I call it 'BBSI Quality.'

Penny Z.
Cornerstone Masonry
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In these unprecedented times that we find ourselves in, it has changed the labor market in ways we could have never foreseen. BBSI’s recruiting service has been a key tool in finding qualified personnel. Their professionalism in walking us through the process helped us select candidates that would fit our existing team perfectly. Could not be more satisfied!

Eduardo P.

Meet Your Recruiting Specialist

After working with you to identify the skills and experience you are looking for in a new hire, your BBSI Recruiting Specialist will help craft job descriptions, post ads, conduct interviews, and screen potential hires, alleviating the burden of administration from your internal teams.

BBSI Recruiting Specialists also consult on organizational structure, helping you plan for and develop a team that can scale efficiently and effectively as your business grows, or as the seasons change.


Our History

We started our journey as a staffing company in 1972. Our first branch in Portland, OR was a pioneer within the temporary employment industry. From the start, we gained national recognition as a prominent player in the US temporary employment sector. By the mid-1990s, we had grown to become Oregon's largest company of its kind, providing temporary employees to more than 5,000 businesses per year.

With a focus on expansion, we evolved into a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). While our service offerings and teams have grown, and we have opened branches across the country, BBSI’s origins remain firmly rooted in the staffing industry as we continue to support our clients’ staffing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need extra help during the summer months. Do you offer seasonal placement services?

Whether you own a construction company, a landscaping business, or an ice cream shop, we can help find talented employees to support your operations during those busy summer months. When business slows down and extra hands are no longer needed, your BBSI Business Partner can help you develop a creative off-season strategy to stabilize your cash flow.

How much do BBSI’s staffing services cost?

To reduce your financial risk, the cost of our services depends on the type of role you are looking to fill. For temporary hires, our rates are determined by the length of the job assignment and the job class code. For permanent hires, you’ll only pay for our services if you hire a candidate.

Am I allowed to permanently hire a temporary employee that you helped place?

This is what we call the ultimate success story! If the temporary employee is open to permanent placement with your company, you can choose to hire them on as a regular employee. We will not only assist you with administrative tasks related to the transition, but also provide enthusiastic support for you and your new employee, cheering from the sidelines.

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