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Recruitment Services & Other Surprising PEO Services

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) have expanded their focus beyond just HR and payroll. Modern PEOs are now supporting businesses with recruitment services, retirement benefits, and even business strategies.

The reason for the shift is simple: helping client companies succeed is the best path toward mutual growth. By easing the stress of hiring and other business-critical functions, PEOs can offer their small and midsize business (SMB) partners the opportunity to focus on running their company at the highest level.

Let's shed some light on a few surprising services that SMB owners might not necessarily associate with PEOs.

Strategic Staffing Across Industries

When it comes to recruitment, working with a PEO means expanding access to candidates, advanced screening, onboarding assistance, and even organizational consulting.

A National Reach

For SMB owners who lack the time or resources to maximize their recruiting efforts, PEOs can combine a national network of recruiters with the most advanced candidate screening techniques.

This means access to highly qualified candidates from across the country and across a myriad of industries and backgrounds, ensuring access to top-tier talent needed to drive organizations forward.

Cost-Effective Hiring

What good is a national network of recruiters and the most advanced screening methods if the candidates a PEO uncovers aren’t a good fit for an organization?

To offset this, modern PEOs will actually absorb the cost of advertising and screening, charging businesses only upon successful placement. With this approach, PEOs are incentivized to find the best possible fit for every client, and businesses win by acquiring top-tier talent with minimal financial risk.

Rigorous Candidate Screening and Onboarding Support

PEOs with a robust recruitment strategy will ensure the integrity of a candidate through thorough background checks, employment and credential verification, and drug testing.

This commitment extends beyond hiring. By providing support through the onboarding process, PEOs can help ensure a smooth transition for both the employer and the new employee. This approach enhances job satisfaction and improves operational efficiency.

Organizational Consulting

Since PEOs naturally work with a wide range of businesses, PEOs have unique insights into organizational structure.

This knowledge makes them perfectly positioned to offer businesses strategic insights into team development and scalability, increasing their value as a long-term partner.

Reducing the Burden of Retirement and 401k Plans

Employees who feel like their futures are taken care of are happier, more productive, and less likely to leave. However, the financial burden of providing access to high-quality retirement and 401k plans can feel too large to bear for many small businesses.

This is where a PEO can step in and offer access to top-notch benefits at affordable prices.

Custom Retirement Solutions at Affordable Rates

Working with a PEO means gaining access to highly flexible premium investment plans. This flexibility means finding customizable plans that match the specific financial goals of both the employer and their employees.

The best part of working with a PEO for these flexible plans is that SMB owners can access them at rates typically reserved for large corporations, making it more financially feasible to offer competitive retirement benefits without compromising quality.

Ensuring Compliance and Eliminating Administrative Complexities

PEOs will help businesses manage compliance and fiduciary duties, including compliance planning, fee transparency, and maintaining competitive fund performance.

Continuous oversight and monitoring help to safeguard businesses from compliance issues, while participation in a multiple-employer plan (MEP) satisfies state-mandated retirement plan requirements. This combination gives business owners peace of mind.

Employer and Employee Empowerment

A PEO can manage every aspect of the retirement plan from initiation to ongoing operation, including enrollment, investment decision support, and regular compliance testing.

While this hands-off approach allows business owners to focus on core business activities, employees gain access to an array of educational resources, planning tools, and personalized assistance, empowering them to make informed decisions about their retirement strategies.

Sustained Growth through Collaboration and Business Strategy

A PEO partner benefits when their client succeeds, so they tailor their services to maximize the opportunity for small businesses to grow at their own pace. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by assisting with business strategy.

Holistic Business Enhancement

PEOs emphasize building robust business foundations that remain adaptable to shifting consumer needs and economic conditions, which means recognizing that a company’s success is largely dependent on its people.

By focusing on cultivating competent teams and healthy work environments, PEOs help companies realize their vision and push their business forward through any challenge.

Dedicated Partnerships and Support

PEOs that offer strategy services do so by providing the services of dedicated consultants who commit themselves to understanding the business and its unique needs.

Ideally, this partner will lead a personalized support team that includes HR, risk, payroll, and benefits specialists.

Customized and Adaptive Blueprints

No business has the exact same needs as any other, and a dedicated PEO will recognize this by providing custom planning services for each client.

Each business needs a blueprint that maps out the current state of the company along with the steps needed to achieve its strategic goals. This blueprint should adapt as the business grows, ensuring support evolves along with the company’s trajectory.

Partner with BBSI for Comprehensive Recruitment Services and a Strategic Advantage

As the market becomes more complex, competitive, and demanding for small business owners, the role of PEOs continues to evolve.

By offering an expansive suite of services — from strategic staffing and rigorous candidate screening to the management of comprehensive retirement plans and insightful strategic business consulting — BBSI aims to support SMB owners looking to excel in any industry.

For business owners seeking a partner that can provide not only exceptional recruitment services but also a broad spectrum of support, including:

BBSI is here to help.

Choose an experienced PEO partner committed to mutual sustained growth. Contact your local BBSI representative today.

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