Workers’ Compensation

You know you have to have it. It’s a line item that you pay for monthly or annually…but is your workers’ compensation working for you? BBSI understands that when you’re running a business, every dollar needs to work hard for you. We also believe in getting the most value for your hard-earned dollars. That’s why our workers' compensation program is different. We offer pay-as-you-go premiums that adjust with your business. We work with you to evaluate your safety culture and pair you with a personal risk and safety manager to help you create a culture of continuous improvement. When you partner with BBSI, you know who’s going to answer the phone when something happens. That’s workers’ compensation that works for you.

“We consider our company very fortunate to have partnered with BBSI, not only has it simplified our workers' compensation reporting process, it has reduced our expenses and provided us with invaluable Human Resources assistance, personnel training, and risk management assessment.”

- Sandra B., Cobalt Construction

“Joining BBSI saved us on expenses immediately.  Then, they helped us with our accidents and our mod rating is now back to normal.  With their support, we are saving even more!”

- Mark S., Home Care Assistance of El Paso County

“We moved to BBSI due to our ex mod increase, but I had no idea the support we would be receiving by joining BBSI. I feel my BBSI team works for Cornerstone. I have HR at my fingertips along with Risk Management, and the management of claims is the best I’ve ever had in 27 years of working in construction. These services are priceless…”

- Penny Z., Cornerstone Masonry



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