Workers’ Compensation

You know you have to have it. It’s a line item you pay for monthly or annually, but is your workers’ compensation working for you? BBSI understands that when you run a business, every dollar matters. That’s why our workers' compensation program is different.

In addition to offering flexible options like pay-as-you-go premiums that adjust with your business, BBSI sets you up for success with a team focused on identifying and helping to solve the root causes of rising X-Mods and increasing claim frequency.

Businesses that have gone years without an increase in their workers’ comp claims and premiums have to start asking themselves whether they are good at managing risk, or just lucky. We work with you to evaluate your safety culture and pair you with a personal Risk Consultant to help you identify risks and offer solutions. When you partner with BBSI, you can count on your team to answer the call when it matters most. That’s workers’ compensation that works for you.

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We consider our company very fortunate to have partnered with BBSI. Not only has it simplified our workers’ compensation reporting process, it has reduced our expenses and provided us with invaluable Human Resources assistance, personnel training, and risk management assessment.

Sandra B.
Cobalt Construction
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Joining BBSI saved us on expenses immediately. Then, they helped us with our accidents and our X-Mod rating is now back to normal. With their support, we are saving even more!

Mark S.
Home Care Assistance of El Paso County
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We moved to BBSI due to our X-Mod increase, but I had no idea the support we would be receiving by joining BBSI. I feel my BBSI team works at Cornerstone. I have HR at my fingertips along with Risk Management, and the management of claims is the best I’ve ever had in 27 years of working in construction. These services are priceless.

Penny Z.
Cornerstone Masonry

Shared Coverage Responsibility

Another advantage of BBSI’s value is our partnership with Chubb, one of the highest-rated and respected Property & Casualty Insurance Companies for workers’ compensation insurance. This partnership allows BBSI to offer coverage that goes above and beyond any other carrier in the marketplace, and the flexibility to price clients based on their safety culture.

When you partner with BBSI, you align with a team that has a shared incentive to improve your safety culture and reduce claims. Our Risk & Safety Professionals assist clients on a daily basis with their safety needs, which can translate into less frequent claims, lower X-Mods, and ultimately, savings on their workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

How We Do It

Dedicated Team

By choosing BBSI, you are matched with a dedicated team of professionals whose focus is de-risking your business and improving productivity and profitability.

Risk Mitigation

Our risk and safety professionals will help you focus on risk mitigation to
reduce workers’ compensation claim frequency.

Gap Analysis

Our risk managers develop a blueprint to address critical gaps in your operation, from workplace safety, to training and recruitment. The end goal is to help you manage your X-Mod and insurance premiums to increase profitability and efficiency.


Our pay-as-you-go model adjusts with each payroll cycle to follow the ebb and flow of your business cycle.

Company Culture

We’ll help you create a company culture of workplace safety.

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