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No matter the climate, a business’s greatest asset will always be its people.  Our human resource management services prioritize the understanding of your people, processes, and culture to help identify areas of strength and opportunity.

Your BBSI HR Consultant will provide the guidance, training, and support you need to turn managers into leaders, build a culture that attracts and retains talent, and develop engaged and successful employees.

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Organizational Development

Develop enduring HR strategies that align with your business goals and contribute to a thriving company culture. 

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Regulatory Compliance

Avoid costly litigation and penalties by staying up to date with labor laws and employment regulations.

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Workforce Planning & Retention

Establish a strategy that attracts the right talent, and effectively manage performance throughout the employee lifecycle.

Comprehensive Approach

We initiate our HR consulting process by conducting an HR Competitive Analysis, which offers an extensive perspective on your company's existing condition and its objectives.

This analysis becomes the foundation for our collaborative partnership, as it allows us to provide personalized recommendations in all HR aspects of your business.

Workforce Management

People can be the most valuable and the most challenging aspect of your business. That’s why our HR consulting services include ongoing workforce management support that spans the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, to career development, performance improvement, and termination.

Industry-Specific Expertise

BBSI HR Consultants have decades of experience across a wide variety of business sectors, ensuring the guidance you are provided is always the best practice for your industry.


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As a new business owner, BBSI has been an incredible resource for me and our company. In addition to covering our insurance needs and payroll processing, they have helped us establish the right processes for our human resources department. Our BBSI partners are always friendly and ready to help and provide support where needed.

Niki V.
Consolidated Overhead Door & Gate
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BBSI has helped us with many employee issues. They have been a pleasure to work with and re-wrote our handbook to stay on top of current employment law, and detail[ed] our employee benefits. They have also helped facilitate a deep dive with our management team into our company culture. The information gained was invaluable and the work she put in was much appreciated.

Matt P.
Johnson Pool & Spa
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The value BBSI adds to our business is immeasurable. They have been our partner with HR matters several times. Even though we have been in business for 27 years, BBSI stays abreast of all the changes California puts forward and advises us along the way.

Dianna S.
Servpro Franchisee
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BBSI has become an invaluable part of our team as we have grown our business. Several times over the past few years, BBSI has walked alongside us as we have dealt with various HR struggles. Their response time was almost immediate and even helped us resolve issues within a 24-hour period.

Jason B.
Focus Heating

Meet Your HR Consultant

Your BBSI HR Consultant is a true HR business partner whose primary objective is providing guidance, training, and support in the areas of strategic human capital management, benefits administration, employee relations, organizational development, and the overall implementation of HR best practices.

They are a source of expertise for new regulations and legislation that could impact your business, allowing you to avoid ramifications and properly prepare. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can BBSI help me develop HR documentation, like handbooks and policies?

In addition to providing state-specific employee handbook templates and labor law postings, our HR Consultants have access to a library of resources to assist you with everything from job descriptions and drug and alcohol policies, to performance improvement plan templates and severance agreements, all while ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal law.

I already have an in-house HR Manager – why should I consider outsourcing HR?

As your business grows, your HR needs will change, and outsourcing some aspects of HR allows for more flexibility. There may come a time when in-house staff can no longer handle every HR task alone. When this day comes, your BBSI HR Consultant can help you develop a strategy for streamlining in-house HR operations, or take care of things like benefits administration, recruitment and onboarding, employee records management, and HR policy development on your behalf.

Do BBSI HR Consultants assist business owners with employee conflict resolution?

Yes - managing conflicts efficiently is crucial to reduce operational disruptions and sustain a positive company culture. Your BBSI HR Consultant stands ready to provide guidance and assist you when such challenges surface, offering advice and the necessary documentation for internal inquiries, resolving disputes, and formulating corrective action strategies.

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