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Our multiple employer retirement plan makes it easy to offer your employees a full-service retirement program that doesn’t break the bank.

With the flexibility to design a plan that is tailored to your team’s needs, hassle-free administration, and access to investment options typically only available to large corporate employers, our full-service retirement program is the perfect option for business owners looking to provide competitive employee benefits at an affordable price.

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Eliminate Administrative Burdens

Offer quality retirement benefits without the responsibility of plan implementation and management.

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Attract & Retain Employees

Leverage your 401k plan offering as an employee retention strategy and talent acquisition tool.

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Prioritize Financial Wellness

Support the financial future of your teams and reward employee performance.

Best-In-Class Investment Options & Flexible Plan Design

Our program provides you and your employees with the best investment options at an accessible price. As a multiple employer plan, our sponsorship gives you access to more plan options that are typically only offered to large corporate employers.

Our plan is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing us to work with you to craft a plan that is unique to your financial needs, your employees’ preferences, and your goals as a business owner. 

Regulatory Compliance & Shared Fiduciary Responsibility

For any 401k plan to remain compliant, plan fees must be fair and understandable, fund performance and expense ratios should be competitive, and the plan must be properly administered.

As plan sponsor, we’ll assume all compliance and fiduciary responsibility in our administration of the plan. We will also provide oversight and ongoing monitoring of the plan, eliminating the burden of compliance from your shoulders.

Plus, participation in our plan satisfies any state-mandated plan requirements you may be facing now, or in the near future.

Plan Implementation, Administration, & Employee Support

We will manage the plan implementation process from start to finish. When it’s time for employee enrollment, we will help your plan participants make informed investment decisions that support their retirement goals.

Employee support includes an interactive website with planning and educational resources, live webinars, a secure mobile app, and a team of representatives to answer any questions they have about their contributions or investment strategy.

We will take care of administration throughout the life of the plan, from transaction processing and compliance testing, to plan audits and government filings.


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I find that all businesses that are well-staffed are typically the most successful – both in the quality of the individuals that work there and the amount of people. BBSI not only has both high functioning individuals, but many of them. And they care. This, along with their bundled services and other ancillary programs, such as access to their 401(k) provider, makes them unique in my opinion.

Ean B.
ELB Capital Corp.
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BBSI has helped us in so many areas of our business; HR and payroll, the establishment of an employee handbook, and monthly meetings to discuss changes to our state labor laws. We even set up a 401(k) with BBSI to make our company more attractive to potential employees. BBSI has helped both of our businesses be successful and we sincerely thank them for that.

Scott & Bryce B.
Bogle Construction Inc. & Bryce Bogle Construction

Meet Your Business Unit Team

Managing a business requires so much more than providing a product or service. As a business owner, you have people to lead, bills to pay, and growth to plan for.

That’s why we surround our clients with a dedicated team of professionals that we call a Business Unit. Your team is comprised of experienced consultants and specialists in the areas of HR, Health Benefits, Risk & Safety, Payroll, Talent Acquisition, and Business Strategy.

Your team's goal is to support you with the tools you need to better manage operations, overcome obstacles, and help you achieve your business goals.

Business Unit Team 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of joining a multiple employer plan (MEP)?

A MEP is an IRS-approved retirement plan for which more than one business can partner with a single plan sponsor. As a business owner, joining a MEP allows you to access perks you wouldn’t have access to if you sponsored your own plan.

You’ll gain access to larger retirement funds, lower rates, more flexible plan options, full-service administration, and compliance support. 

I would like to stick with my existing plan, but I have a few compliance questions. Can BBSI help?

Regardless of your 401k plan, our Retirement Program Administrators are always available to answer questions and assist with regulatory compliance when you need it.

As the business owner, can I participate in the plan I offer to my employees?

Yes, you can participate in your plan, but you must adhere to nondiscrimination testing mandates.

Our Safe Harbor 401k Plan option satisfies most nondiscrimination mandates, making it a good option for most businesses. This plan type allows you to make contributions to your employee’s retirement accounts (also known as employer matching). With a Safe Harbor Plan, you’ll enjoy significant tax benefits compared to the traditional 401k plan option.

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