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Attract Top Talent With an HR Business Partner

Recruitment and hiring are vital to your company's growth, yet a poor hiring decision can lead to challenges and financial strain. On the flipside, the right employees can elevate your operations, bring fresh ideas, contribute strategically, and become essential pillars as your company expands.


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In today’s blog, we’ll cover the main reasons to choose an HR business partner (HRBP) to help with your hiring needs, including:

  • What an HR business partner does for your business.
  • How HR business partners develop effective HR strategies for hiring and retention.
  • 3 cost-effective staffing solutions you can implement today.

Understanding the Role of an HR Business Partner

Hiring the right employee is no easy task, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are already short on time and resources compared to larger competitors.

That’s where having a dedicated HR business partner helps. They can play a leading role in managing and optimizing your company’s HR and workforce. They’ll assist with things like:

  • Strategic Alignment: The best HRBPs have vast experience with companies in every industry. Their strategic knowledge enables them to work closely with business leaders to align HR strategies with organizational goals.
  • Employee Relations: HRBPs can help you manage employees once they’re hired. By ensuring a harmonious workplace and providing resources to help resolve conflicts efficiently, they’ll give your best employees the opportunity to shine.
  • Compliance: Labor laws and regulations change constantly. An HRBP makes it their business to keep a close eye on this shifting landscape. Having a vigilant partner on your side can help you stay attuned to new developments.

Most importantly, an HR business partner can offer SMB owners the space and time they need to develop and execute their strategic visions. Having access to specialized skills and knowledge that might not be available in-house can also lead to better hiring decisions, improved employee retention, and overall business growth.

Why Effective HR Strategies are Critical to Hiring for SMBs

A common misconception is that HR is only relevant to current employees or those in the onboarding process. However, it is actually the cornerstone of an effective hiring program.

Effective HR strategies ensure that your business remains competitive in the job market, fosters a positive work environment, and complies with ever-changing regulations.

Building a Great Company Culture

Pay and benefits may be the most obvious way to attract great talent, but culture is not far behind. An HR business partner can help you implement and nourish a culture that people want to work in.

Positive work environments, strong employee engagement programs, and a reputation for being a great employer are intangible benefits that can give your company the edge in a competitive hiring market.

Staying on Top of Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Labor laws and regulations affect every business, but SMB owners can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer number of compliance rules. Their ever-changing nature doesn’t make this any easier.

An HR business partner can provide advice on avoiding legal pitfalls, implement industry best practices, and minimize the operational disruptions caused by staffing changes.

Optimizing Workforce Planning with an HR Business Partner

Workforce planning and talent management are about ensuring you have the right people in the right roles.

This includes properly identifying staffing needs, enhancing retention strategies, and managing the full employee lifecycle from onboarding to career development. HR business partners use their deep expertise to help you optimize every aspect of the employee lifecycle.

These HR strategies aren’t just for managing current employees. When done properly, they can give you the robust foundation and reputation needed to attract and retain top employees in any industry.

3 Cost-Effective Hiring Solutions You Can Implement Today (and How an HR Business Partner Can Make Them Even Better)

Finding and hiring the right talent doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are three practical solutions that you can start using today, which can be even more effective with the support of an HR Business Partner:

1. Leverage Social Media and Online Job Platforms

Utilize social media and online job platforms to advertise job openings and connect with potential candidates. Platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor offer cost-effective ways to reach a large audience and target specific skills and industries.

An HR business partner can enhance this process by:

  • Optimizing your job postings
  • Advising on the posting and screening process
  • Leveraging their industry connections to efficiently find more high-quality candidates

2. Use Employee Referral Programs

Encourage your current employees to refer qualified candidates by implementing an employee referral program. This approach not only reduces recruitment costs, but also tends to bring in candidates who are a good cultural fit.

An HR business partner can help you optimize your referral program by:

  • Designing a structure that aligns with your unique business goals
  • Monitoring the program’s effectiveness
  • Administering the program to ensure smooth and efficient hiring

3. Utilize Internship and Apprenticeship Programs

Develop internship and apprenticeship programs to attract emerging talent. These programs provide valuable experience to young professionals while allowing your business to assess potential long-term hires.

An HR business partner can simplify this by:

  • Leveraging a network of existing educational institutions and apprenticeship programs to design a comprehensive program for your employees.
  • Ensure programs fit both your business goals and the needs of your employees.

Incorporating these cost-effective hiring solutions can improve your talent acquisition process without straining your budget. With the guidance and expertise of an HR business partner, these strategies can be optimized and managed more effectively.

Partner With BBSI For Your Hiring and HR Needs

Whether your goal is to develop a stronger company culture, pick the right apprenticeship programs, or align strategies, HR and hiring go hand-in-hand. By optimizing your HR policies using the tips in today’s post, any SMB owner can go a long way towards simplifying their hiring process.

BBSI is a PEO specializing in HR and staffing solutions for companies in various industries across the United States. We can help you identify your true staffing needs, leverage our extensive network to connect your company with the best candidates, and enhance your HR policies to keep great employees around for longer.

If you’re looking for a simpler hiring solution that addresses your HR concerns at the same time, reach out to your local BBSI representative today.

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