Business Strategy

When you partner with BBSI, your dedicated Business Partner will kick off the relationship with an in-depth strategic planning session to uncover your business’s current health, future plans, and any obstacles that could prevent you from reaching your goals.

After just a few meetings with your Business Partner, your dedicated BBSI team will put together a detailed business blueprint outlining opportunities and objectives for critical areas like finance and profit, people and culture, products and services, risk and safety, and future growth.

With frequent check-ins, BBSI will help keep you on track to achieve your strategic goals and realize your vision. We’ll also encourage you to push the boundaries of what you thought possible for your business.

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The value BBSI provides is in the people and the team environment, along with specific employment categories that BBSI specializes in. I am comfortable allowing BBSI to peek behind my ‘business curtain,’ and understanding that we have a mutual interest in each other’s success. Just sharing a little bit of information with them gets me so much in return.
Ean B.
ELB Capital Corp
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I cannot recommend BBSI enough! Being a young business, they have been a critical tool for guided growth and a massive help in building my business foundation to solidify proper structure to give actual sight through my unique and dynamic business cycle. BBSI is a well-rounded service and relationship that I highly value in my business.
Chris L.
BL Performance
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The value BBSI provides for my agency is in the style of their business philosophy. What I have felt is that BBSI sees themselves as Business Partners with their clients. We’re in this together! It’s very important to know that as we clients try to navigate through our day-to-day operations, BBSI is there to answer questions (payroll, HR, employee problems, support with W/C claims, to name a few) and I have felt this sense of partnership.
Camie B.
Your Home Nursing

Our Onboarding Process

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Meet Your Business Partner

Barry is the point person of the BBSI Business Unit Team. It’s Barry’s job to develop a deep understanding of a new client’s business and build trust with ownership and management as their BBSI point of contact. Through Barry, the rest of the team channels their efforts into a tangible roadmap that will positively impact the client’s business. As a business veteran with years of experience running teams for small and large organizations, Barry aims to become a fundamental part of the business owner’s team.

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