Technology Solutions

Are you looking for innovative and intuitive technology solutions to help you run your business? We believe that the right technology is key to improving your efficiency and productivity. In order to do that, the technology needs to be reliable and easy to use. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology platforms and bringing you solutions that integrate seamlessly into your business. We could get into all the techie details of our amazing payroll and HR platform, but we have an entire team dedicated to working directly with you to guide you through it. 

"I am impressed with the new platform. I have worked as a sales rep for two national payroll companies, as well as used an ADP platform, and I must tell you, your platform is excellent. It not only is super user friendly, but it allows you to free up more time to handle more important tasks within BBSI by giving the clients more options to input information themselves. I think it is a win-win for both your clients as well as BBSI. This will allow for both clients and BBSI to be more efficient."

- Scott S., George Petersen Insurance Agency

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