Payroll Administration

Timesheets. Checks. Paperwork. As businesses grow and scale, compensation and payroll become some of the most challenging areas to manage. BBSI’s dedicated payroll professionals have years of experience processing payroll for businesses of different sizes, industries, and with multiple employee classifications across the country. Whether you’re having issues with overtime calculation discrepancies, collecting timecard information, or miscalculating the total cost of payroll, BBSI is here to help you solve problems and improve your processes.

Our proprietary payroll portal, myBBSI, also makes it easy to manage your payroll efficiently from your phone or desktop, and if you ever have a question or issue, your personal Payroll Consultant is only a phone call away to help you through it.

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We have run our payroll through BBSI for a number of years now and no matter what problems I am having, our payroll manager would immediately address the issue, solve it and make my life so much easier.
Harriet C.
Servpro Franchisee
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BBSI is wonderful to work with. They’re always there answering any questions I might have and ready to help with anything we need. They are the best when it comes to payroll, always reminding me to send it in and always helping me with any issues.
Carmen M.
Leawood Homes
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Payroll can sometimes be complicated, with garnishments, deductions for insurance, etc. BBSI almost always answers their phones the first time I call, and because they’re local, I can drop into their offices if I need to. I can even refer our employees directly to our ‘payroll department.'
Mark P.
Fish Window Cleaning

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Meet Your Payroll Consultant

Penny’s priority is to document a business’s payroll processes (time clock management, time cards, spreadsheets, etc.), evaluate how efficient and productive those procedures are in practice, and support changes to make the process more efficient while limiting any potential mistakes.

Penny uses this information and her years of experience to assess a company’s true profitability and rectify any issues that drain vital resources. For example, a business owner who focuses on gross wages but doesn’t account for benefits, workers’ comp, and taxes will likely underbid jobs and contracts.

A Comprehensive Guide For Demystifying California's Payroll Laws

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