Human Resources

No matter the climate, a business’s greatest asset will always be its people. At BBSI, our priority is understanding your people, processes, and culture to help identify areas of strength and opportunity.

After completing a competitive analysis of your company, we’ll provide the guidance, training, and support to turn your managers into leaders, help you build a culture that attracts and retains talent, and put plans in place to develop engaged and successful employees.

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As a new business owner, BBSI has been an incredible resource for me and our company. In addition to covering our insurance needs and payroll processing, they have helped us establish the right processes for our human resources department. Our BBSI partners are always friendly and ready to help and provide support where needed.
Niki V.
Consolidated Overhead Door & Gate
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BBSI has helped us with many employee issues. They have been a pleasure to work with and re-wrote our handbook to stay on top of current employment law, and detail[ed] our employee benefits. They have also helped facilitate a deep dive with our management team into our company culture. The information gained was invaluable and the work she put in was much appreciated.
Matt P.
Johnson Pool & Spa
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The value BBSI adds to our business is immeasurable. They have been our partner with HR matters several times. Even though we have been in business for 27 years, BBSI stays abreast of all the changes California puts forward and advises us along the way.
Dianna S.
Servpro Franchisee
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BBSI has become an invaluable part of our team as we have grown our business. Several times over the past few years, BBSI has walked alongside us as we have dealt with various HR struggles. Their response time was almost immediate and even helped us resolve issues within a 24-hour period.
Jason B.
Focus Heating


Meet Your HR Consultant

Hannah’s priority is understanding a business’s inner workings and how its people hurt or help its long-term goals. What is their value to the business? Does the company have an uninspired workforce that necessitates constant oversight and motivation? Or, do they have quality people that consistently look to grow and expand their skill sets to help the company fulfill its vision?

Hannah is also a source of expertise for new regulations and legislation that could impact a client’s business. She won’t explicitly dictate how a business owner should react to compliance matters. However, she will lay out the details of the regulations in plain language and their potential ramifications, so the business owner is prepared to make adjustments and cover their exposure.

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