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Risk Management & HR Consulting for the Manufacturing Industry

We know the manufacturing industry forces business owners to juggle supply chain management, production efficiency and product quality, all while focusing on the daily risks that can negatively impact employees and business operations. Because of this, finding the time to resolve HR issues or respond to regulatory changes can feel impossible.

That's where BBSI comes in. Our local teams of industry experts are here to support you with human resources, risk management and more, so you can focus less on the day-to-day, and more on the future of your company.

PEO Services for Manufacturing Companies

Risk Management

We believe Risk Management is essential to the longevity of any business; especially those in high-risk industries. 

As part of our Risk & Safety Services, your Risk Consultant will conduct onsite Job Hazard Analyses (JHAs), help you craft Incident Response Plans (IRPs), and assist with employee training and education to support a healthy safety culture.

Employee Health and Safety

With employees working with heavy machinery on busy production floors, owners of manufacturing companies are more likely to see workplace incidents and injuries impact their operations.

Your dedicated Risk Consultant will work with you to develop safety protocols that protect your employees based on industry best practices, their daily activities, and the equipment they are required to operate.

We'll also integrate illness and injury prevention programs to help further minimize risk, providing your employees with the peace of mind that they are in a safe work environment.

HR Consulting

As a business owner, you've got plenty on your plate. By leaving HR to us, you'll save time typically spent on hiring, terminations, benefits administration, policy documentation, and labor law compliance - freeing you up to focus on your business goals. 

Your local HR Consultant is there to support you in all aspects of workforce management, and will work to ensure your business remains compliant with local, state, and federal employment laws and regulations.

Health Benefits

Health benefits can be a business owner's secret weapon when it comes to employee retention. Regardless of the role you're hiring for, prospective employees will expect details on your benefits package during the interview process.

Our Benefits Program provides flexible, customizable, and affordable plan options with hassle-free administration and enrollment for you and your team. 

The best part? All ancillary plans are provided at no cost to your business.

Workers Compensation

Our non-traditional workers compensation program features shared coverage responsibility and pay-as-you-go premiums, eliminating year-end premium audits.

In the unfortunate event of an injury, our claims process is structured to prioritize employee access to quality care.

Our 24/7 Nurse Triage Hotline instantly connects your injured employee with a registered nurse who will gather incident information and recommend at-home remedies, first aid, telehealth, and/or in-person medical attention.

Regulatory Compliance

Our Risk Consultants are well-versed in state and federal safety regulations.

We will conduct thorough assessments of your production floors and facilities to identify potential compliance gaps to prevent fines and penalties.

Training and Development

Our HR Consulting Services include ongoing workforce management support that encompasses career development, leadership training, and performance improvement strategies. 

This service is complimented by BBSI U, our Learning Management System that provides custom curriculum catalogs to meet your team's training and development needs. Training topics include HR and compliance, risk and safety, leadership, and professional skills.

Staffing Solutions

Whether you're looking for temporary, temp-to-hire, seasonal, or permanent employees, our Staffing and Recruiting Solutions can help.
BBSI's national recruiting network will diversify your talent pool, and your dedicated Recruiting Specialist will take care of interviewing and screening all potential hires for you.
Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll perform the necessary background checks, employment verifications, and drug testing required for you to feel confident in your new hire.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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The difference in working with BBSI has been huge for me and my business for two main reasons.

1. They are local. They proactively reach out on all important local law issues, and I can call them at any time and get help to solve problems that otherwise would take me away from what's important in running my business.

2. Thoughtful leadership. I have a true partner in helping me think about my business for today, tomorrow, and beyond. This you can't get anywhere else!

Casey M.
Exakt Edge Manufacturing
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It is clear customer needs are not only valued at BBSI, but made a priority. Our experience with BBSI has been one of success and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Ana D.
Dimic Steel Tech, Inc.

Meet Your Business Unit Team

Managing a business requires so much more than providing a product or service. As a business owner, you have people to lead, bills to pay, and growth to plan for.

That’s why we surround our clients with a dedicated team of professionals that we call a Business Unit. Your team is comprised of experienced consultants and specialists in the areas of HR, Health Benefits, Risk & Safety, Payroll, Talent Acquisition, and Business Strategy.

Your team's goal is to support you with the tools you need to better manage operations, overcome obstacles, and help you achieve your business goals.

Business Unit Team 2023

Resources for Manufacturing Companies

Mentorship Program Planning Pack: The Key to Workforce Training and Development

Mentorship programs provide employees the opportunities for upward mobility and personal growth that they have come to expect from their employers. Establishing a mentorship program is critical for attracting talent, improving morale, reducing turnover, and creating a more productive work environment. 

Prioritize Employee Health and Safety With a Return to Work Program

We have created a resource pack filled with free forms and resources to help you implement an effective and successful modified duty program for injured workers.

Brochure: How BBSI Can Support Your Manufacturing Business

Download our brochure to learn more about the support BBSI provides to businesses within the manufacturing industry, including risk mitigation, HR compliance, employee retention, and growth strategy.

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