Welcome to the Las Vegas Branch!

Las Vegas has been open since August 2018. We are located in the rapidly expanding Hwy 215 corridor. Here at BBSI Las Vegas branch, we pride ourselves in providing the best business services to our clients on a local scale. Our business units work side-by-side with their clients to ensure quality and timely solutions for their business needs. Whether our relationship serves as business partners, consultants or as analysts of your business, you can be certain of one thing. All roles here at BBSI align towards one goal - Your Success. If your ready to take the next step for your business, let BBSI step in beat to the pace you set. We're ready, question is - are you?

" If you think it's time to call it and throw in your towel for 2020, think again and call a local BBSI branch now! Best business move you can do for your business."

- Peter M., Pete's Plates

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