Staffing Solutions, Recruiting Services, and Employee Placement in Fife

Our office in Fife serves all of Pierce County. Our team is here to help you navigate human capital challenges and business staffing needs in Western Washington. We pride ourselves in working together and delivering the highest level of customer service possible. We are here for you!

"The COVID-19 situation has been an interesting time for us all, and could have been far more stressful if not for the willing and timely assistance of BBSI. Throughout the entire experience, BBSI has been friendly on the phone (or friendly faces via video) and have been willing to answer questions, provide counsel, or assist in getting difficult tasks done. To know that Sarda had your team as backups to call on in figuring out solutions to problems made the last few months not quite as bad as they could have been."

- Beverly P., Sarda, Inc.

Jeff Jones
Vice President of Staffing & Recruiting

Call : (253) 441-2130

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