Payroll, Workers' Comp, HR and Business Consulting Services in San Luis Obispo

BBSI opened the San Luis Obispo branch in 2014 to serve the needs of the Central Coast - stretching from Buellton to King City.

The typical business in the region is prime for partnering with BBSI, as the support services provided by our PEO are a great fit to small and mid-sized companies.

The BBSI team is part of the local community. We, like our clients, enjoy the unique lifestyle of the Central Coast, and value the relationships we build with our business owners.

"In addition to owning our business, we are new parents. We don’t have time to become experts in payroll, HR or safety in addition to running a successful construction company. Even if we were experts in those areas, we couldn’t keep up with ever-changing state and federal laws. We rely on BBSI to be our eyes and ears. They are part of our team and are always focused on the success and compliance of Frantz Construction.”

- Josh & Desra Frantz, Frantz Construction, Inc.

“BBSI knows our business and cares about our success. We don’t always have the time to check all our emails and as business owners, we must prioritize what we can accomplish in a day. Not only do they send us information to keep us updated, but they’ll also call to follow up on things they know are pertinent to our business.”

- Josh & Marie Goldsmith, Goldsmith Mechanical, Inc.

"I have been super impressed with everyone on the team at BBSI Central Coast. Since meeting them I have learned so much regarding Risk & Safety, making sure we have the right documents, and have learned the right way of doing things for our business."

- Jeremy G., Griffin Plumbing

"When we joined BBSI, we did not know what to expect. But now that I am with them, I am not going anywhere! I keep being surprised that BBSI can handle something else for us, making my life easier. The team is fabulous, and they handle stuff we didn't know needed to be handled. I don't know HR and I don't want to - and I know I am in good hands with them. BBSI has made us money, has a great team that really cares about my company and my employees, and they change to adapt to my needs and how I work."

- Neal P., Neal Portlock Construction

"The best thing about BBSI is how they go above and beyond. We could not have survived this pandemic business-wise without them. They have exceeded our expectations with their knowledge and assistance, and have gone above and beyond to ensure we are educated on our options and how to assist our employees during this time."

"Every single employee that works at BBSI feels like a huge supporter of the success of our company. Whether it is a question about payroll, safety, or COVID-19 benefits, BBSI has our best interest in mind and is there to guide us."

- Josh & Megan W., JJ Wills Construction

"When our company doubled in size overnight, we found ourselves struggling to keep up with the basic human resource infrastructure that we had yet to develop. BBSI helped us with anything we needed including an employee handbook, payroll, and workers' compensation claims."

"BBSI gave us the confidence to continue to grow our company. Their team is constantly checking in to see how they can help. They make us feel like we have a safety net of help ready when we need it, and more importantly, ready even when we didn’t know we needed it!"

- Robbie & Nichol A., RP Environmental Inc.

"One of the best things we have done was coming onboard with BBSI. BBSI has helped us in so many areas of our business; HR and payroll, the establishment of an employee handbook, and monthly meetings to discuss changes to our state labor laws. Our risk manager is always on top of regular safety meetings and keeping the teams up to date on OSHA/CalOSHA. We even set up a 401k with BBSI to make our company more attractive to potential employees. BBSI has helped both of our businesses be successful and we sincerely thank them for that."

- Scott and Bryce B., Bogle Construction Inc. & Bryce Bogle Construction

"The folks at BBSI have been extremely supportive with safety and HR. I was initially skeptical about what they could do for me, but I have come to be very pleased with their customer service and product. I know that BBSI wants to help my company be successful and I would certainly recommend them to any other company."

- Frank P., Cal Coast Refrigeration

"Our team loves BBSI because we can pick up the phone and call them and they either pick up or reply quickly.  We even have their cell phone numbers. Not only do we get a live person to talk with, but we get a live person that we know and who knows us.  They also come out to our job site to do training, so even our staff knows our BBSI reps. We also love that there is a team at BBSI watching out for us and keeping us up to date and  informed so we don’t have to stay on top of everything."

- Chris & Gary G., Guggia Trucking & Guggia Farms

"Working with BBSI has provided so much more than insurance. With their help, we’ve grown in in size and professionalism in every area of our business. Their team has raised our game and shifted our culture toward safer practices and more excellent administration. In an ever-changing legal landscape, their staff's effort to keep us compliant has made all the difference."

"Their payroll service equipped us to put together applications and qualify for financing that we otherwise would not have been prepared for. BBSI’s staff has become an extension of our own team and our most trusted consultant. Any company looking to grow in size and excellence should consider BBSI.”

- Dan F., Ferreira Inc.

“BBSI has heart and soul - something we certainly didn’t expect from a PEO or insurance company. Unlike other big, bureaucratic organizations, our BBSI Team is welcoming and friendly and we know they're on our side no matter what."

"We signed on with BBSI in March of 2020, having no clue the arc that the year would take. BBSI navigated the twists and turns of regulations and health concerns at every step. Whenever we call with a question or issue, the whole team works together to address it. We have absolute confidence in their ability to protect and advocate for us.”

- Maggie and Jeanette, Gardens by Gabriel, Inc.

John Perlin
Area Manager

After running both large and small businesses for over 25 years, John understands the challenges of business ownership, and has empathy for those in, “the loneliest job in the world.” Partnered with BBSI, business ownership no longer has to be a lonely journey. Our seasoned teams are business owner advocates, indispensable champions of your vision, and are relentless in their pursuit of your success. You don’t quit – neither do we!

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