Welcome to the Medford Branch!

BBSI-Medford provides business management and human resource solutions to small-to medium-sized businesses by examining how business strategic objectives align with workforce management measures to create business profitability.

"It has been a joy working in partnership with the professionals at BBSI. If you’re a business that wants to focus on your growth rather than handle your own payroll, safety/risk programs, and HR services, then schedule a consultation with BBSI to find out how they can become YOUR partner in business."

- Nick & Ruth H., Professional Transportation Services, Inc.

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Joe Rossi Area Manager

Joe possesses a unique combination of work experience that enables him to operationalize business strategic concepts into highly effective workforce management tactical solutions, resulting in business stability and profitability.

Call : (541) 772-5469 Joe.Rossi@bbsi.com

Heather Stafford Business Development Manager

Heather Stafford joined BBSI Southern Oregon as a Business Partner in December 2018 and is a long-time advocate for startups and small businesses in Oregon. She has a passion for working with owners at a variety of stages and industries and is convinced entrepreneurs are going to save the world!

Call : (541) 772-5469 Heather.Stafford@bbsi.com

Rob Hambleton Business Development Manager

Rob Hambleton joined BBSI Southern Oregon as a Business Partner in July 2019 and has a long track record of helping small business owners overcome hurdles in order to survive and thrive.

Call : (541) 772-5469 Rob.Hambleton@bbsi.com