Welcome to the Napa Branch!

Our team of professionals in the Napa office are here to deliver expertise and solutions that will support business owners along their journey. We accomplish this through listening to business owners unique objectives and mutually developing a plan as your advocate to conquer the objective. Your dedicated team is only a phone call away and look forward to discussing Business Strategy, HR , Payroll or Risk related questions with you.

"BBSI helped us to be compliant and provide a safe work environment by sharing guidelines and best practices. The customer service is superior to any other payroll company we have worked with. The quality and consistency of having person to person access for questions is appreciated. BBSI's support during the pandemic were invaluable."

- Prab B., Moga Transport

"Originally we came to BBSI 9 years ago to address workers comp insurance. Far more than any other PEO I have talked with we now depend on you to assist in so many area's. Your people are professional and extremely knowledgeable in many facets of HR, Safety, Compliance and Payroll. What I do respect the most about BBSI is in this world of everything costing more and more and getting less and less, BBSI has done the opposite and provided more and more."

- Kelly T., Oakville Pump Service

"They have helped us achieve our business goals in multiple ways. Human Recourses is one of the biggest challenges facing small business. Staying compliant with employment laws, OSHA safety standards, processing payroll and creating a company culture can be overwhelming to say the least. BBSI has assisted and directed us in all of these areas and more."

- Matt P., Johnson Pools Inc.

"We chose BBSI 8 years ago when our workers compensation cost made it difficult to remain competitive. We haven't looked back since: we rely on BBSI for payroll processing , HR guidance, and workers compensation coverage and best practices. They are our steadfast business partner in these area's. We appreciate the expertise and responsiveness of BBSI's staff."

- Almora H., Heritage Landscapes

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Phillip Meyer Area Manager

Hello! I bring 25 years of domestic and international commercial banking experience in support of small business owners. My goal is ensure the resources and reach of BBSI are delivered seamlessly by our local team. By doing so we will be able to have an impact on our clients and our community.

Call : (707) 224-0752 Phillip.Meyer@bbsi.com