Executive Summary

After struggling to stand out in their market, Amorelli Roseman and Associates decided to partner with BBSI to offer more comprehensive solutions and support to their clients. With BBSI, Amorelli Roseman and Associates have not only been able to successfully retain their existing book of business, they have been able to grow their book with the additional value provided by BBSI

  • The value-add of BBSI’s service and local, hands-on support has helped Amorelli Roseman and Associates retain 100% of their book of business over the last four years.
  • BBSI’s model of regional, dedicated business units allows them to work directly with clients to help brokers win more deals and grow their businesses faster.

About Nick Scamperino

Nick Scamperino is an independent broker in California working with Amorelli Roseman and Associates. The agency writes all lines of insurance and focuses on providing tailored insurance programs to its clients across multiple industries. Currently, Scamperino works with 27 clients that he has maintained over the last four years.

Coming into the industry, Scamperino, like many brokers, was skeptical of the services offered by PEOs. For over 15 years, he and his colleagues actively sold against PEOs, including BBSI, trying to convince their clients why they weren’t the right fit for them.

In 2015, his agency was purchased by Acrisure, LLC, and an employee there formally introduced Scamperino to the services offered by BBSI.

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The Challenges of Building and Maintaining a Book of Business

Scamperino felt that he’d reached a stagnant point in his business, and he needed a way to free up more time to find and win new clients, while continuing to provide the best service for his existing ones.

  • The Limit of Your Book: Working alone, Scamperino eventually found himself at the limit of the amount of clients he could service, noting, “You're going to end up having a max number of clients that you can support.”
  • Standing Out: “You could open up the phone book and see all the agencies that are writing the same type of insurance we do,” said Scamperino. He needed a way to provide additional value to stand out among the competition.

Finding Growth and Success with BBSI

Scamperino’s first interaction with BBSI was through dedicated Area Manager, Rachael Stutzman. Scamperino was double-booked with other clients and had a fire and water restoration client who needed help on a policy. 

Since he couldn’t make the appointment, he asked Stutzman to attend in his place, and she closed the deal.

“She went out and actually did the work for me,” said Scamperino. “So I thought that was pretty cool.” Shortly after, while Scamperino was busy with annaual renewals and growing his book, Stutzman went out and closed another deal.

To give Scamperino and his agency a better idea of what it means to work with BBSI, BBSI took the agency through a strategic “deep dive” like they would with a client. 

“It was a game-changer because we saw the whole process,” Scamperino recalls.

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BBSI does something nobody else does. They have boots on the ground. They're local, and they're easy to work with.
Nick Scamperino, Broker
Amorelli Roseman and Associates
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 After [BBSI] sold the second business, I've brought them in on every deal since. I quickly realized that my new partnership with BBSI was precisely what I needed to serve my clients better while continuing to grow my book of business. 
Nick Scamperino, Broker
Amorelli Roseman and Associates

Dive Into the Results: 100% Retention

Scamperino’s experience with BBSI has helped him eliminate his fears of working with a PEO. BBSI’s high-touch approach and true partnership give him the extra support necessary to provide exceptional service to his clients while maintaining a focus on growth.

With BBSI, Scamperino can be a go-to resource for his clients by expanding his agency’s offerings to include HR support, risk and safety consulting, payroll administration and more. 

“It's just like adding additional people to your office. It's unbelievable,” said Scamperino. “So my clients actually see a lot of value.”

“Another big thing that's happened here recently is the COVID stuff, as far as PPP and getting the payment reimbursed, and applying to have it forgiven. So not only applying for the loan, but also applying for the loan forgiveness, BBSI just makes us look like superheroes.” 

He’s even seen this personalized approach change the way he looks at his business. 

“There's nothing [BBSI] can't get done. With that kind of intensity, it pushes us to strive harder as salespeople, working on writing more business,” says Scamperino. “It's just been phenomenal what BBSI has done for my clients.”

Scamperino isn’t the only one that’s excited; his clients are too. BBSI and Scamperino have achieved 100% client retention in their four-year partnership, making it easier for him to approach clients knowing that his services will be a long-term solution for them. 

“Once we bring BBSI in and they actually meet the client, they end up sealing the deal for us,” remarks Scamperino.

“When you look at all the other property and casualty agents that are out there, we're all doing the same thing,” said Scamperino. 

The BBSI-Broker partnership gives him the ability and confidence to stand out from his competitors.

Scamperino’s Plans for Continued Growth

Scamperino is incredibly pleased with his experience with BBSI and plans to continue the relationship into the future.

“I think working with BBSI is phenomenal,” he said.“It allows me resources I didn’t have before.”

Scamperino used to believe that he had reached a stagnant point in his business, but “...with BBSI, it's helped me to grow past that point because they do a lot of the servicing internally,” he said.

With BBSI making sure that his clients are taken care of and ensuring they have access to the resources and insights they need, Scamperino knows exactly what’s next:

“The future, obviously, is to continue to grow my book.” If you’re ready to grow your book of business and offer the support that BBSI provides, register to become a partner today.

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