RSI Insurance and BBSI Partner Together to Support the Trucking Industry

Learn how Lesvia Nanez leans on BBSI to make her clients more successful and her work life more manageable.


Executive Summary

RSI Insurance partners with BBSI to support underrepresented business areas and optimize processes to better manage risk and workers’ compensation claims. With BBSI, RSI Insurance has:

  • Achieved a 99% client retention rate with BBSI clients
  • Eliminated the need for brokers to review or handle OSHA audits
  • Reduced the number of HR-related issues brokers handle themselves

About Lesvia Nanez and RSI Insurance

RSI Insurance is a transportation-sector specialized insurance company. Lesvia Nanez, a dedicated, hands-on broker based in Southern California, has worked with trucking clients through major industry upheavals over the years.

“There is no industry more adaptable than trucking,” she says. But with a complex industry like transportation, Lesvia is forced to grapple with workers’ compensation issues quite often.

The Challenges of Keeping up with Client Requests

Lesvia’s #1 goal is to ensure her clients’ businesses achieve the best possible rates and maintain low premiums. However, insurance brokers can only provide so much support when premiums start to rise. So where can business owners go when change is a necessity?

Before partnering with BBSI, Lesvia’s agency had difficulties keeping up with their clients’ growing organizational and administrative challenges.

An obsessive eye on the client’s bottom line:

The high-risk nature of the trucking industry raises unique difficulties for brokers. They must provide quality coverage that supports business goals and protects workers, especially when companies are sensitive to any expenses that impact their profitability.

Overcoming HR struggles of all shapes and sizes:

High-touch brokers like Lesvia are often key advisers for business owners, but there’s always a limit to the support they have the time or experience to provide. In the trucking industry, where business owners are dealing with everything from driver safety to employee classification law, these requests are often extremely time-consuming and take away from other pressing tasks.

Effectively navigating AB5:

Transitioning a company from relying heavily on 1099s to satisfy AB5 legislation in California (and probably elsewhere) can require complex organizational shifts. The impacts can be severe and lead to employee turnover, scheduling headaches, profitability decreases, and more.

I struggle to call BBSI ‘just a PEO’ because they’re so much more. BBSI is more involved than the other PEOs, meaning their staff goes out to see the clients all the time. The other PEOs just don’t.
Lesvia Nanez

RSI Insurance

RSI Insurance and Managing Clients in the Transportation Industry - client

The BBSI Approach

Like many brokers, Lesvia was hesitant to work with a PEO. The first words out of her clients’ mouths were often, “I am not going into PEO, so don’t ever bring me that option.” But after engaging with BBSI, Lesvia described the service as “night and day” compared to the common perceptions of PEOs.

As of today, around a third of all Lesvia’s clients work with BBSI. The reason for this is the sheer amount of value her clients receive in comparison to what would make up a standard workers’ compensation policy.

Between a support team of professionals in HR, risk and safety, payroll, and business strategy, BBSI can take much of the day-to-day management off of Lesvia’s plate so she can focus on growing her book and getting clients the best possible rates.

Comprehensive Reporting

One feature of BBSI’s service that Lesvia particularly appreciates is complete visibility into the work BBSI does with her clients. With each renewal, BBSI sends a detailed report of the client’s activity in the past year.

With so much going on, Lesvia says, “It’s fabulous to have a way to look back to see how much of an impact the team really made. I share the reports with my clients to show them the progress we’ve all made on important initiatives. It really helps me talk [clients] off of wanting to shop the policy by showing the added value.”

Show Me the Results!

In the past 10 years, Lesvia says she’s retained all but one client partnered with BBSI, an impressive client retention rate which she attributes to their unique approach. 

“BBSI sees my clients as just as important as I do. They create a great team environment and engage in a sincere effort to create meaningful improvements.”

All This Value for the Price of a Policy

The fact that BBSI's rates have remained competitive over the years has also empowered RSI Insurance and their clients to continue to use BBSI’s expertise and resources to improve their operations.

BBSI has given Lesvia more freedom to focus on growing her book of business. BBSI’s Business Unit team has stepped in to handle many of the common requests that previously occupied much of her time. The team handles complex payroll and HR-related issues like employee classifications. Additionally, they have helped business owners institute processes and procedures that help reduce the risk of injury for drivers and employees.

She notes there is a big difference in the resolution of HR issues between clients who work with BBSI and those who don’t. BBSI clients are able to resolve these issues swiftly and efficiently. In fact, when Lesvia has a client with an employee classification concern, she brings that client “straight to BBSI.”

Brokers like Lesvia offer OSHA audit support for clients in specific industries as a value add. The problem with these audits is that they are very time-consuming. Since working with BBSI, these needs have been eliminated because BBSI Risk Consultants work with her clients to advise on OSHA audits, from reviewing, disputing, or investigating issues that appear.

The Road Ahead

The value of BBSI’s support leads  Lesvia and RSI to a single conclusion: “For many clients, BBSI is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.” 

As Lesvia describes it, she appreciates the special attention BBSI offers clients.

"If you’re in an industry where you and your clients are dealing with payroll, HR, or workers’ compensation issues, BBSI is a perfect match.”

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