Payroll, Workers' Comp, HR and Business Consulting Services in Prosser

The BBSI Prosser branch office boasts a team of highly experienced professionals who provide Human Resource Consulting, Safety and Risk Consulting, Payroll Services, Recruiting Services, and Strategic Business Coaching.

The office also provides temporary staffing to over 50 local companies. The BBSI Prosser team prides itself in providing a high level of expertise and customer service to our clients.

"Working on the Six Pillars of Business was an eye-opener. It was interesting — and valuable — to see how someone else saw my business and it allowed me to see the broader scope. BBSI has removed a huge burden, freeing up my time and making being a business owner more exciting."

- Travis H., Cougar Digital Marketing

"BBSI is well worth the investment. With their help, I’ve streamlined operations, developed formal procedures, and implemented employee safety training, weekly staff huddles for a quick review of activities, and monthly staff meetings to discuss the business and upcoming opportunities. The best thing about working with the BBSI staff is that they’re flexible, direct, and honest — all important attributes when running a business, and that’s what we do together—run a business."

- Myron P., TC Detail

Tom Arnold
Area Manager

Tom has over 29 years of experience leading teams and helping companies achieve their growth and financial goals. Tom holds a degree in Business Administration from Washington State University. Tom enjoys WSU athletics, local football, golf, hunting, and spending time with his family.

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