Retirement Benefits

For many small and midsize businesses, offering retirement benefits may seem unrealistic and out of budget. However, as state-mandated plans roll out and the workforce continues to prioritize roles that offer retirement benefits, businesses should consider 401(k) programs as a critical part of their employee retention strategy.

BBSI’s multiple-employer 401(k) plan makes it easy for businesses to offer their employees a full-service retirement program with features typically only available to large corporate employers. Our plan not only exempts business owners from state-mandated plan enrollment, but also offers the flexibility to design a plan that supports your business’ unique needs.

From regulation compliance to recordkeeping, we’ll handle the administration of your plan so you can focus on supporting your people and growing your business.




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I find that all businesses that are well-staffed are typically the most successful – both in the quality of the individuals that work there and the amount of people. BBSI not only has both high functioning individuals, but many of them. And they care. This, along with their bundled services and other ancillary programs, such as access to their 401(k) provider, makes them unique in my opinion.
Ean B
ELB Capital Corp.
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BBSI has helped us in so many areas of our business; HR and payroll, the establishment of an employee handbook, and monthly meetings to discuss changes to our state labor laws. We even set up a 401(k) with BBSI to make our company more attractive to potential employees. BBSI has helped both of our businesses be successful and we sincerely thank them for that.
Scott and Bryce B.
Bogle Construction Inc. & Bryce Bogle Construction

BBSI’s Partnership with Milliman® and Morgan Stanley®

In partnership with Milliman® and Morgan Stanley®, BBSI gives businesses access to a multiple employer plan (MEP) which offers best-in-class investment options at low expense levels and personalized support to help your employees reach their retirement goals.  

From forfeitures management to plan audits, BBSI acts as the plan’s sponsor, administrator, and trustee, taking the administrative burden off the plate of the business owner. As the plan sponsor, BBSI also takes on shared fiduciary responsibility supported by independent Morgan Stanley financial advisors.

By partnering with BBSI, you can offer your employees world-class retirement benefits without taking on the burden of implementing and managing the program.

Employee Benefit Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know

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BBSI’s 401(k) Program

Your company will achieve economies of scale by participating in the BBSI 401(k) Program. Your clout in the investment marketplace is much greater as part of a MEP than as an individual company.

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