Retirement Benefits

To many business owners, providing your employees with a retirement benefit program like a 401(k) may seem like something only larger companies can afford. Some states even go so far as to mandate a plan, and we know that feels like a stretch for many businesses. That’s why we offer all our clients access to our best-in-class multiple employer 401(k) program. Our qualified retirement plan not only exempts you from having to enroll in a state-mandated plan where they are required but also offers flexibility to design the plan terms to support the unique needs of your business. We’ll handle all the administration of the plan including the regulatory requirements so you can be free to focus on supporting your people and growing your business.

“I find that all business that are well staffed are typically the most successful – both in the quality of the individuals that work there and the amount of people. BBSI not only has both high functioning individuals, but many of them. And they care. This, along with their bundled services and other ancillary programs, such as access to their 401k provider, makes them unique in my opinion.”

- Ean B., ELB Capital Corp.



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