Posts about Client Retention

How To Create a Successful Strategy for Your Marketing Events

Event marketing is one of the most impactful methods for building a supportive professional community that generates referrals. Learn how to get started.

How to Create a Client Referral Program That Converts

Learn how to design and implement an efficient, converting insurance referral program and the top benefits it will bring to your business.

Claims, X-Mods, Premiums, and the Importance of Safety Culture

Brokers can support their clients in building a safety culture that lowers claims, X-Mods, and premiums. Discover how (and why) from the experts at BBSI.

Where to Start When Consulting with a High X-Mod Client

Workers’ compensation insurance represents a significant percentage of a business' costs, making it a crucial topic for brokers to understand.

Put Your Client List on Lockdown: 10 Tips to Long-Term Client Retention

As a broker, what can you do to continue to engage and retain your current clients? Your service and partnership is your product.

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