Posts about PEO Partnership

Important Questions to Ask When Quoting Health Insurance for Clients

Providing accurate health insurance quotes is critical to building your trust as a broker. Here’s how to find the information you need to offer the best options.

4 Things You Didn't Know You Could Get from PEO Companies

PEO companies offer much more than just HR and payroll services. These hidden gems save companies money and reduce their administrative burden.

Helping Clients Understand PEO Benefits

Clients may have understandable concerns about working with a PEO. Here’s how you, as a partner, can help them understand the benefits.

5 Tips When Considering PEO Insurance

A PEO insurance partner could be the best way to enhance your services and grow your client base. Here are 5 things to consider before making the leap.

Your Questions Answered: PEO Services

Four questions that any broker or CPA should know the answer to before entering into a partnership with a PEO.

How PEOs Help Insurance Brokers with California Workers’ Compensation

Explore how PEOs aid insurance brokers in navigating California's workers' compensation complexities. Partner with BBSI for enhanced support.

Should Brokers Partner with PEOs to Sell Health Insurance?

Explore the challenges of partnering with PEOs selling health insurance. Learn about the potential benefits and risks involved in this type of partnership.

5 Things to Consider Before Entering a PEO Partnership

A PEO partnership can be valuable for both brokers and their clients. However, brokers should consider these 5 factors before they begin referring clients.

4 Reasons Why CPAs Partner With BBSI

We offer PEO payroll support and more for CPAs. Partnering with BBSI can help build your client base and trust among existing clients.

Is a PEO a Broker's Friend or Foe?

Your clients may not tell you when a PEO approaches them, and many already have. Protect your book and clients by talking to them about their options. 

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