Posts about Workers' Compensation

What's New with Workers Comp Insurance?

In general, the workers comp insurance industry is looking up, but there are certain changes and challenges that brokers should be aware of.

How PEOs Help Insurance Brokers with California Workers’ Compensation

Explore how PEOs aid insurance brokers in navigating California's workers' compensation complexities. Partner with BBSI for enhanced support.

How to Avoid Fraudulent Workers' Comp Claims

Discover effective strategies to steer clear of workers' comp fraud claims and protect your business with our expert tips and insights.

The Case for Alternative Workers’ Compensation in California for 2023

Workers’ comp plans often provide rigid benefits and can be costly. Read to learn why alternative workers’ comp might be a better solution for your business.

Claims, X-Mods, Premiums, and the Importance of Safety Culture

Brokers can support their clients in building a safety culture that lowers claims, X-Mods, and premiums. Discover how (and why) from the experts at BBSI.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation Explained

Pay-as-you-go workers’ comp allows businesses to pay their premium monthly rather than a lump sum at the beginning of their policy. Here’s how.

Where to Start When Consulting with a High X-Mod Client

Workers’ compensation insurance represents a significant percentage of a business' costs, making it a crucial topic for brokers to understand.

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