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Referral Partners, we're better together.

That's why we've provided educational resources and promotional materials to support your success.

The Insurance World is Changing, Are You?

How PEOs Help Insurance Brokers with California Workers’ Compensation

Explore how PEOs aid insurance brokers in navigating California's workers' compensation complexities. Partner with BBSI for enhanced support.

A man working at his computer in his home office

How to Avoid Fraudulent Workers' Comp Claims

Discover effective strategies to steer clear of workers' comp fraud claims and protect your business with our expert tips and insights.
Broker having a meeting with a client

How to Perfect Your Health Insurance Pitch To SMBs

Discover effective strategies to communicate the value of health insurance plans and win over small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
Broker selling health insurance to a man in an office.

Should Brokers Partner with PEOs to Sell Health Insurance?

Explore the challenges of partnering with PEOs selling health insurance. Learn about the potential benefits and risks involved in this type of partnership.

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BBSI Benefits Town Hall for Referral Partners

Check out our recorded town hall event for an introduction to the BBSI Benefits Program, including how to identify good-fit clients, broker compensation opportunities, and next steps to get started.

Read Stories From Current Referral Partners

Learn why insurance brokers across niches partner with BBSI to provide their clients more value.

Resource Pack for Referral Partners

We want to set our Referral Partners up for success. That's why we developed a comprehensive resource pack including a variety of collateral to help you pitch BBSI to your clients.

Need to refresh your sales strategy?

We put together 10 unique tips to 10x your book of business.

Want to prosper in the virtual sales landscape?

Improve your close ratio with remote prospecting.

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