Is a PEO a Broker's Friend or Foe?

Your clients may not tell you when a PEO approaches them, and many already have. Protect your book and clients by talking to them about their options. 

6 Tips to Overcoming Change Resistance in the Insurance Industry

Here are six tips to help you overcome change resistance and build momentum in your insurance business.

7 New Prospecting Tips for Brokers

2020 was a challenging year for the insurance industry. To remain competitive, brokers need to embrace new technologies and modern marketing techniques.

Put Your Client List on Lockdown: 10 Tips to Long-Term Client Retention

As a broker, what can you do to continue to engage and retain your current clients? Your service and partnership is your product.

Post-Pandemic Outlook for Brokers: What Industry Changes Will Persist?

As COVID cases fall and vaccinations ramp up, the world is inching closer to some semblance of normalcy.

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